December 10, 2012

MOOT MAG – A Pulp Mag for the Digital Age

Moot Magazine is a visual extravaganza of sci-fi storytelling. Yours if you support the Moot Movie campaign on Kickstarter.

Calling upon the heavens for some supreme magic. Almost halfway to the goal. Amazing backers showing their pledge support. We are so fortunate for what has been given.

Still need plenty of help. 10 days to go. Please pledge.

November 7, 2012

Moot Movie Trailer

Take a ride into Moot’s supernatural underworld.


May 18, 2011

Moot had it’s origins back in 1997.

It started with my creation of Trevor the Tabloid Paparazzo, a photo based web comic. Trevor was a cool character, totally of the time, when the internet was relatively new and the connection was super slow. His gal, an adult star, played by my wife Cindera Che. As time moved forward my feelings for the type of characters changed. While Trevor became Mattox, Cindera made it clear that she would no longer play a porn star. So China-Rain became the powerful witch Deva.

Here are a few of Mitch Watson’s words for Trevor: “Every job is different, so you’ve got to be prepared. I’ve been tracking Biddle for over a year. No margin for error. One thing you should know about me is that I’m not one of those pussies like Avedon who skulks around county fairs snapping shots of worn out milkmaids and shit-kickers who look like they’ve been the victim of one to many cattle mutations. I work in the city, and what I shoot is unrehearsed and ugly. Like I mentioned before, part of my job is lying for a living. I lie to get my information. I lie to get my shot. And if lying don’t work, lookin’ at this bed will tell you there’s always other options. Bottom line; get the story, anyway you can. ”

There are more words on Moot’s facebook page. Connect with us there and share with others.

April 26, 2011

Mooting a Moment in Time

The use of photography to document our lives, our world, our universe has allowed us to transcend time. While it has yet to provide us an obvious way into the future, it is still an incredible medium for us to remember, relive, and revive that which has come before now. In time documented, we may learn, evaluate and move forward. But some photography can open emotional wounds, establish evidence, and provide answers that may only lead to more questions.

Mattox's hidden photos.

April 1, 2010

WonderCon Here We Come

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Packing up for the drive to San Francisco, very little sleep, a bit delirious, but excited to let Moot shine to the world. The Moot Mag came in yesterday and it looks awesome. There truly isn’t anything like it. Hope this doesn’t scare people. Only true mooters are going to take the risk, the rest will go find their comfort in Marvel and DC. I can’t see beyond the fun that has been created through massive man and woman hour to bring Moot Mag and Moot Movie components to the public. I am praying the fans are meant to find us. Time to rock outta here. It’s going to be a mooterific weekend.

March 30, 2010

Thee Day Till Wondercon

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Burning brain, little sleep. Moot Mag is due from press via fed ex tomorrow. Post cards came, look good. We are going to be hauling a lot of weight up to San Fran.

February 22, 2010

Found Maya

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Maya came over today, carrying a heavy burden. She says she’s being harassed by some sort of spirit or alien being. Said it was made of light and energy and was… doing weird things to her. I told her it sounded like a story for Moot and asked if I could come over and shoot some pictures. She said no and left pretty abruptly. I tried calling her cell but was only able to leave a message when the door knocked, I thought she returned…

But it was Brent Falco… WOW! My photo gear was about to get some heavy action. This lady was beauty and danger all wrapped in one. Time to get busy, we made around 500 digital exposures, real moody stuff, in the studio and on the street. The readers of Moot Mag are in for a real treat and we’re only half way done. Brent will be back for the hot stuff tomorrow.

February 5, 2010

Maya – where are you..?

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New story came in to the mag for the coming first issue, written by Cat Rambo, real name, awesome writer. She delivered a first draft that I loved, a deep felt, erotic, paranormal mystery about Maya and her encounter with an otherworldly being of light and energy. It’ll definitely add texture to the line up, a winner for men and women alike. But for Maya…, she took risks you’ll have to read about.

February 2, 2010

Key Words coming out my bum…

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Spent way long researching key words. Launching a couple of new strategies for SEO. Ad Words could get expensive. Wondercon forms to be cranked. Looking forward to copy coming in from new writers for the mag.

Got an interview coming up with a girl who’s been having erotic encounters with some sort of being… alien, spirit, or God, we’ll have to see. Anything is possible of course. Gotta capture the act in camera.

January 25, 2010

Moot Mag Cranking

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Layout of the mag coming together, pointing to the specific needs – stories and art. Time to get on the phone and find the right collaborators.

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