November 21, 2012

THANKS CHALLENGE – Second Animated MOOT Monster Video

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Monsters, aliens, witches, a mecha and all that empowers the supernatural world of Moot are being wished into reality! Support has been tremendous for our Moot Movie Kickstarter campaign. Only 30 days left. Its the day before Thanksgiving. We are sending supreme gratitude to those who have taken control of what entertainment they want to see get made. Magic in numbers, this is the beginning of attracting like minded folks to the cause. Grass roots for Moot. Our fate is the people’s choice.

Pixels are flying by in a digital fever to deliver the second in the animated series: Dancing with the MOOT Monster. It’s an homage to the sci-fi greats. Cindera Che, my wife, who plays Deva the mother witch, has laid down the law: Finish the second animated Moot Monster video. I’m about 2/3 through. Hope to finish in the next week. Many, many challenges lay ahead, chipping away all at once.


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