August 11, 2014

Moot Movie – Main Title Sequence

In taking many steps toward the completion of the Moot Movie, the opening title sequence needed to be created for an introduction to our supernatural underworld that is infiltrating the media landscape of Los Angeles.

Immediate goals with the film – still mostly in green – are to fill in a few more gaps so that it is watchable for a select group of folks to critique and give notes toward solidifying any necessary pick-up shots and editorial modifications.

Finishing this pass of the main title may have taken a few months, but was well worth it. Building that crazy Hollywood skyline not only required finding the right perch for my camera – thanks to Edge Performing Arts – but it also needed huge hours of digital imaging and then animation. The entire piece was animated in Adobe After Effects.

Always great to cross these mini thresholds in completing the various sections of the film.

Time to place the new title sequence into the cut and push forward.

MOOT MOVIE – MAIN TITLE from Ryan Nellis Studio.

December 10, 2012

MOOT MAG – A Pulp Mag for the Digital Age

Moot Magazine is a visual extravaganza of sci-fi storytelling. Yours if you support the Moot Movie campaign on Kickstarter.

Calling upon the heavens for some supreme magic. Almost halfway to the goal. Amazing backers showing their pledge support. We are so fortunate for what has been given.

Still need plenty of help. 10 days to go. Please pledge.

November 7, 2012

Moot Movie Trailer

Take a ride into Moot’s supernatural underworld.


October 30, 2012

Moot Movie – The Inside Story on Halloween

12am, the first minutes of Halloween 2012. It won’t be long before monsters, zombies, ghosts and alien beings will emerge to hunt for treats. We are Ryan Nellis, Cindera Che and Dyllen, an offbeat family committed to bringing you the exciting new story world of Moot. Happy Halloween if you’ve landed on this page today.

Moot celebrates science fiction, fantasy and horror by adding a sweet dose of humor. Our stories are a bit weird, so if you fear the unusual, we suggest you run like a little baby child and stuff your head under the pillow.

But if you want to take your first step into Moot’s supernatural underworld, check out the video below and you will get the inside story on Moot Movie – Today’s Amazing Story. Then before you eyes, a Halloween treat, you will see the animated short, BIRTH OF THE MOOT MONSTER, our mascot. A mutation of typography, MOOT Monster is actually a holy gift to humankind. MOOT’s munching “M”, was forged by the gods to protect our world from any outside menace. But wait, there’s more… only at our page.

Together as a family, we have been working tirelessly to bring you an endless experience of movies, animation, comics, games, custom usb flash drives, limited edition hand painted 3D prints, and even unique Moot t-shirts and Moot hoodies. CLICK TO GET THE DETAILS ON ALL THIS COOL STUFF.

October 8, 2011

Mooting My Way Through Life

As of late I’ve been putting together a crowd funding campaign with either Indie Go Go or Kickstarter to raise finishing funds for the Moot Movie. After observing many other campaigns I thought it might be a good idea to add a mooter monster toy to the rewards for donors. What manifested in my mind was a modified Moot logo turned into a sharp toothed, wide grinning typographical monster.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been stop motion animating a hunk of sculpey clay. Carving up the fleshy mooter and constantly reshaping it has tried by patience, but I’ve never feigned from time consuming detailed work. Working with clay is challenging, especially when your design consists of flat edges and straight lines. I been squishing, pulling, dragging, twisting, flipping this little demon all across a green field to be keyed out – environment in the making. Like any newborn, character development comes over time and in this dude’s case, many havoc reeking life experiences.

Back to the crowd funding… it’s standard to create a personal video pitching your project to potential donors. Cindera, Dyllen and I are going to wing it. Hopefully something magical will happen, even get lucky catching something on video that is not of our normal world. We’ll be watchin’ and huntin’.

Dyllen has been helping out on Moot Movie, taught her how to take out the green using Ultimatte Software in AE CS4, this amazing stand alone plug in is EOL (end of life), can’t afford to recode for 64 bit. And so time continues to press forward one pixel at a time.

May 19, 2010

The birth of Moot

I’ve been on hiatus from this blog, but I’m back to moot. And explore this Word Press blog so that I can post more fun things. Created a blog over at Blogger for SEO purposes, Fantasy Science Fiction… I like the look, gotta get ranked, come on Google give us some love.

Moot began with the idea of a Hollywood photographer/paparazzo and the magazine he creates back in 1997 with Trevor the Tabloid Paparazzo. It was a web story during the boom in online entertainment without the band width… most brands from the time collapsed. In my Trevor story, Deva wasn’t a witch, she was a porn star, yet she was still played by my wife. I knew that couldn’t last and Cindera made that clear as well.

Another character from Trevor was Baby Biddle, a little assassin working for the CIA, who’s brain and facial hair had matured to 40 by the time he was 14 months. I’ve attached the image. He was transformed into the Moot character of Betty Biddle, the little person, genius robot scientist.

April 20, 2010

Wizard’s Anaheim Comic Con

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Three days hitting the convention floor, hookin’ new friends and fans of Moot. Great show. Less people than Wondercon only made for more time to connect with all the great folks who stopped by and got stoked with a free copy of Moot Mag in print. Lucky people when Moot blows up. They got something special, something special in my eyes. Time for us all to start MOOOTING really hard. The Moot Mag is free online here at Can’t beet that! Just gotta READ that, take the adventure without fear.

April 13, 2010

Anaheim Comic Con

Two days till our next big convention. It ain’t comic con in San Diego, but that con be terribly hard to get into, on the 600 applicant waiting list for 2 years now. But who cares about that…

We are going to be doing some harcore MOOOTING at the Wizard World event in Anaheim, recruiting new Mooters to join the ranks of people not afraid to open their eyes to what isn’t normally seen: the supernatural world that exists all around us.

Free mags to the first 350 over the weekend. Then the free digital download. But nothing beats having Moot Mag in print, a work of art in your hand, to READ READ READ.

I hope people don’t forget about the importance of the words, you have to read to become involved in the story. And it’s great fun!

March 15, 2010

Last Minute Crunch

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Been off the blog, got 24 hours to get the first edition of Moot Mag off to the printers. Lots has happened since my last post, Maya story made it into the mag, it’s an amazing story, but she’s completely gone missing, so it’s also sad.

Moot Mag will be here in time for Wondercon and then we are going to be at Wizard’s Anaheim Comic Con. Exciting times ahead.

February 22, 2010

Found Maya

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Maya came over today, carrying a heavy burden. She says she’s being harassed by some sort of spirit or alien being. Said it was made of light and energy and was… doing weird things to her. I told her it sounded like a story for Moot and asked if I could come over and shoot some pictures. She said no and left pretty abruptly. I tried calling her cell but was only able to leave a message when the door knocked, I thought she returned…

But it was Brent Falco… WOW! My photo gear was about to get some heavy action. This lady was beauty and danger all wrapped in one. Time to get busy, we made around 500 digital exposures, real moody stuff, in the studio and on the street. The readers of Moot Mag are in for a real treat and we’re only half way done. Brent will be back for the hot stuff tomorrow.

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