March 29, 2014


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Journey to the sci-fi world of moot movie, where paranormal hunter, Mattox Durant has RELEASED the Moot Monster comic as part of his Moot magazine.

Get Moot Monster Comic Free

March 21, 2014

Moot Magazine Comics with Moot Monster

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Three comics in development for the Moot Mag and Moot Animation. We started with the Moot Monster which you can dowload for free here:
Go for it and have fun! Keep in touch.

December 11, 2012

Fans of MOOT at Comic Con

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At the cons with MOOT, we met so many incredible people. Many of whom got to go home with a free copy of the Moot Magazine. These people now need to get the Moot Movie to go with it. Conceptually I designed the mag to be an extension of the Movie, furthering your journey into the world of Moot.

The magazine is available with the Moot Movie as a reward at Kickstarter. We are running a campaign to raise finishing funds to complete Moot Movie. Only 10 days left.

We are so thankful for all our fans. We have reached $19K on Kickstarter and are on our way to attaining our goal at 30K. Check it!!

December 10, 2012

MOOT MAG – A Pulp Mag for the Digital Age

Moot Magazine is a visual extravaganza of sci-fi storytelling. Yours if you support the Moot Movie campaign on Kickstarter.

Calling upon the heavens for some supreme magic. Almost halfway to the goal. Amazing backers showing their pledge support. We are so fortunate for what has been given.

Still need plenty of help. 10 days to go. Please pledge.

November 21, 2012

THANKS CHALLENGE – Second Animated MOOT Monster Video

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Monsters, aliens, witches, a mecha and all that empowers the supernatural world of Moot are being wished into reality! Support has been tremendous for our Moot Movie Kickstarter campaign. Only 30 days left. Its the day before Thanksgiving. We are sending supreme gratitude to those who have taken control of what entertainment they want to see get made. Magic in numbers, this is the beginning of attracting like minded folks to the cause. Grass roots for Moot. Our fate is the people’s choice.

Pixels are flying by in a digital fever to deliver the second in the animated series: Dancing with the MOOT Monster. It’s an homage to the sci-fi greats. Cindera Che, my wife, who plays Deva the mother witch, has laid down the law: Finish the second animated Moot Monster video. I’m about 2/3 through. Hope to finish in the next week. Many, many challenges lay ahead, chipping away all at once.


November 20, 2012

Follow the Mootbow

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Building out the end of Birth of Moot Monster animated short so that it can flourish on its own. Click the pot of gold for GOOD LUCK.

November 7, 2012

Science Fiction is the Purest Form of Art

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Moot is introducing a new sci-fi world. Possibly a strange and scary place, possibly a fascinating look at humanity and all our differences, possibly a bit of satire directed at preconceptions of sci-fi worlds from the past. The question remains whether something new will translate into something desired. That is up to you. No matter what, as the creators of Moot, we will see our vision come to reality. We are grateful for the tremendous support thus far. Testimonials and pledges are driving confidence to reach our goal.

CJ Cherryh Science Fiction is Art

February 24, 2012


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Today and everyday the creative process is challenging. Whether it is to manifest an idea, a story, a character, or a visual effect, all steps have their rewards in the sometimes painful process of creating an art form that must aspire to entertain, provoke, and move our emotions.

Moot Movie has been edited. Many pieces of a scripted sculpture have come together in near perfect performance. Yet looking forward, many human hours are left to build the remaining visual effects, sound effects, mixing, and music score.

The journey continues. Please stay tuned and feel the love… or reap the scorn of a dragon girl.

October 8, 2011

Mooting My Way Through Life

As of late I’ve been putting together a crowd funding campaign with either Indie Go Go or Kickstarter to raise finishing funds for the Moot Movie. After observing many other campaigns I thought it might be a good idea to add a mooter monster toy to the rewards for donors. What manifested in my mind was a modified Moot logo turned into a sharp toothed, wide grinning typographical monster.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been stop motion animating a hunk of sculpey clay. Carving up the fleshy mooter and constantly reshaping it has tried by patience, but I’ve never feigned from time consuming detailed work. Working with clay is challenging, especially when your design consists of flat edges and straight lines. I been squishing, pulling, dragging, twisting, flipping this little demon all across a green field to be keyed out – environment in the making. Like any newborn, character development comes over time and in this dude’s case, many havoc reeking life experiences.

Back to the crowd funding… it’s standard to create a personal video pitching your project to potential donors. Cindera, Dyllen and I are going to wing it. Hopefully something magical will happen, even get lucky catching something on video that is not of our normal world. We’ll be watchin’ and huntin’.

Dyllen has been helping out on Moot Movie, taught her how to take out the green using Ultimatte Software in AE CS4, this amazing stand alone plug in is EOL (end of life), can’t afford to recode for 64 bit. And so time continues to press forward one pixel at a time.

August 9, 2011

Pictures of Time

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To slow the unstoppable bullet, a life of time ticking away.

hang on good child, it's going to be a fast ride

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