March 23, 2015

Moot Movie Update

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At Moot we are continually working on our movie, sometimes with the crack of a whip to keep those pixels flying forward.

All the green has been keyed or removed from each shot so that we may add the new environments, which are nearly all completed. Ryan Nellis is building layers upon layers from the container stacks of the harbor, through the streets of Hollywood, to the magical interior of Club Deva. The film is shaping up to be a unique visual and emotional ride.

Green Keyed Out... Baby


August 11, 2014

Moot Movie – Main Title Sequence

In taking many steps toward the completion of the Moot Movie, the opening title sequence needed to be created for an introduction to our supernatural underworld that is infiltrating the media landscape of Los Angeles.

Immediate goals with the film – still mostly in green – are to fill in a few more gaps so that it is watchable for a select group of folks to critique and give notes toward solidifying any necessary pick-up shots and editorial modifications.

Finishing this pass of the main title may have taken a few months, but was well worth it. Building that crazy Hollywood skyline not only required finding the right perch for my camera – thanks to Edge Performing Arts – but it also needed huge hours of digital imaging and then animation. The entire piece was animated in Adobe After Effects.

Always great to cross these mini thresholds in completing the various sections of the film.

Time to place the new title sequence into the cut and push forward.

MOOT MOVIE – MAIN TITLE from Ryan Nellis Studio.

April 7, 2014

Moot Dictionary Definition

MOOT is one of the many words in our lexicon whose definition has changed over time.

Moot Definition

Moot Definition

March 29, 2014


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Journey to the sci-fi world of moot movie, where paranormal hunter, Mattox Durant has RELEASED the Moot Monster comic as part of his Moot magazine.

Get Moot Monster Comic Free

March 21, 2014

Moot Magazine Comics with Moot Monster

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Three comics in development for the Moot Mag and Moot Animation. We started with the Moot Monster which you can dowload for free here:
Go for it and have fun! Keep in touch.

Successful Moot Movie Kickstarter Campaign

Check out our completed and successful Moot Movie campaign. Starting to fulfill rewards. Moot Monster Comic is a must see! Download it here free…

Get the inside story on the Moot Movie and the Moot Monster.

December 11, 2012

Fans of MOOT at Comic Con

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At the cons with MOOT, we met so many incredible people. Many of whom got to go home with a free copy of the Moot Magazine. These people now need to get the Moot Movie to go with it. Conceptually I designed the mag to be an extension of the Movie, furthering your journey into the world of Moot.

The magazine is available with the Moot Movie as a reward at Kickstarter. We are running a campaign to raise finishing funds to complete Moot Movie. Only 10 days left.

We are so thankful for all our fans. We have reached $19K on Kickstarter and are on our way to attaining our goal at 30K. Check it!!

December 10, 2012

MOOT MAG – A Pulp Mag for the Digital Age

Moot Magazine is a visual extravaganza of sci-fi storytelling. Yours if you support the Moot Movie campaign on Kickstarter.

Calling upon the heavens for some supreme magic. Almost halfway to the goal. Amazing backers showing their pledge support. We are so fortunate for what has been given.

Still need plenty of help. 10 days to go. Please pledge.

November 21, 2012

THANKS CHALLENGE – Second Animated MOOT Monster Video

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Monsters, aliens, witches, a mecha and all that empowers the supernatural world of Moot are being wished into reality! Support has been tremendous for our Moot Movie Kickstarter campaign. Only 30 days left. Its the day before Thanksgiving. We are sending supreme gratitude to those who have taken control of what entertainment they want to see get made. Magic in numbers, this is the beginning of attracting like minded folks to the cause. Grass roots for Moot. Our fate is the people’s choice.

Pixels are flying by in a digital fever to deliver the second in the animated series: Dancing with the MOOT Monster. It’s an homage to the sci-fi greats. Cindera Che, my wife, who plays Deva the mother witch, has laid down the law: Finish the second animated Moot Monster video. I’m about 2/3 through. Hope to finish in the next week. Many, many challenges lay ahead, chipping away all at once.


November 20, 2012

Follow the Mootbow

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Building out the end of Birth of Moot Monster animated short so that it can flourish on its own. Click the pot of gold for GOOD LUCK.

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